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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it” H.E. Luccock.

GMBB being in the heart of KL’s cultural district, we are more than just a mall featuring creative products. It is an ecosystem for collaborations and a sustainable engine for creative growth. Our mission is to grow the creative economy and by that, GMBB will function as a support ecosystem and community for creative entrepreneurs to succeed at what they do best. We aim to provide not only an accessible rental rates, but also regular community events and collaborative opportunities which will open doors to other countries.

So, you may wonder, what makes GMBB different? GMBB is the first commercial mall that is fully branded around artisanal, creative retailers. A space where creatives come together as one that has the same mutual goal. It will be a trend-hotspot where consumers will see the latest designs and artistic trends.

A living community that encourages collaborations amongst creative professionals.